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Bernina Sergers

Bernina 1300MDC
Inspiring versatility!

  • Set the over-edge thread length - at the twist of a knob. 
  • A serger with a chainstitch, four coverstitches and four combination stitches (chainstitch/overlock stitch).
  • The hard-wearing safety seam (combination stitch) is ideal for reliably joining firm woven fabrics, such as jeans.
  • The 3- and 4-thread coverstitch gives you an especially durable, flat stitch in highly elastic fabrics. 
  • The BERNINA lay-in system lets you thread quickly and directly - and it's also simple to thread the lower looper, thanks to the automatic lower-looper threading system. 
  • Easy, ergonomic operation: With the aid of the vision panel and the red position indicators, you'll find the ideal position of the needles and lower looper for threading straightaway.
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Bernina 1150MDA
A serger that's truly simple to thread.
With a wide variety of stitches,
this solid performer is about keeping serging fun . . .
right down to the last detail.

But it's not just technical refinements that make these world-class sergers.
Their creative potential, fast sewing speeds and versatility are all things to be proud of.

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Bernina 800DL
A simple, easy and affordable serger . . . with room to grow.

In just one pass, you can cut,
sew and finish edges on everything from fine silks and satin to denim,
fleece and stretchy fabrics with the greatest of ease.
And, although the 800DL is an entry level machine,
you can sew like a pro with versatile features that make serging fast and simple.

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Bernina 700D
A great serger for beginners with useful features for many applications.

This easy-to-use machine has the ability to sew using a 3-thread or 4-thread stitch.
It can handle all types of fabrics
- everything from fine silks and satin to denim, fleece and stretchy fabrics -
with the greatest of ease.
A differential feed keeps seams smooth and flat.
The built-in rolled hem feature is yours at the flick of a switch.
And using the right or left needle gives narrow and
wide options of most of the serger's many stitch formations.
You'll sew like a pro in no time.

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Bernina 009DCC
This specialty machine is designed to give you the tools
for making ready-to-wear garments.

It does two stitches, 'the coverstitch and the chain stitch'
which are staples in the garment industry.
Add these to the 2, 3, and 4 thread capabilities
of your regular BERNINA serger,
and you're ready to serge any fabric for all types of project.

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