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Embroidery Software Version 7

Embroidery Software Version 6

Turn your creative ideas into embroidered reality!

New & Exclusive! CorelDRAW ® Essentials 4 Software inside!
Over 500 embroidery designs included.
Automatic digitizing, specialty stitch effects and more!

Let your ideas become embroidery reality with DesignerPlus or EditorPlus.

Or rediscover the pleasure of exploring your embroidery dreams with the V6 Update.

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Border Embroidery Set
This add-on calculates borders perfectly, then embroiders them.
Embroider borders galore - around the corner or in a circle!
Calculate borders perfectly, then embroider them!

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BERNINA CutWork Accessory
The new generation of cutting

BERNINA CutWork Accessory and BERNINA CutWork
Software take embroidery to a new level.
Let your imagination fly!

There’s a new edge to creative sewing ... cutting!
The BERNINA CutWork Accessory together with the
BERNINA CutWork Software gives your BERNINA embroidery system
the power to cut shapes, patterns and designs from single or multiple fabric layers.
Cut sharp, crisp edges quickly and easily.

Staying on the cutting edge can be sew much fun!

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