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Creating Website Content

This is replacing an existing website. This is a brand new website.
We do content creation and management services for $30 per hour in a variety of packages to suit your needs.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact your Account Manager.

If wish to do content creation yourself, follow the steps below:

1) View the Content training videos.

2) Create your new content using the guidelines below.
One of the most important things about new websites is establishing good content from the start for the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results.  We offer content creation services as follows:

Content Creation $30/hr    Composition of Content Based on Outlines You Create
Fast Start $499 Page Content and Products, SEO Titles and Descriptions, Website Images


If you need any assistance, please contact your Account Manager (see upper left).

Adding Content to Your Website

Here while we are waiting for your design to be finished and built into the site, we can be working on the following two main areas:
  • Data Entry - This will be for areas such as Calendar events, Classes, Products, News, and Contact Us info.
  • Paragraph Text - Now is a great time to compose a Welcome message (if you plan to have one), text-heavy information such as About Us (your background, expertise, company history, etc.), and Policies such as purchasing and returns, shipping, class policies, etc.
For Data Entry you will primarily use the Modules button you see to the left in your Admin Toolbar.  If you hold your mouse over Modules, you will see a flyout list of the different types of modules for which you can begin entering information.  Feel free to explore and try new things; you cannot 'break' the system, just be careful about deleting elements of this website (warnings will pop up, please keep an eye out for them!).

Click here to learn how to work with specific modules for Data Entry.

For Paragraph Text, a good place to start is the section below where you can compose your Welcome message (if you need one).  To get in and edit the sample text there, look at the transparent gray bar to the upper left of the headline below and click on the Edit button that looks like a fat little pencil.  You can do the same thing on your Contact Us page by going to that page using the main Navigation menu above and clicking the Edit button for the module containing sample contact information.




WELCOME to the new Bolts in the Bathtub website.  See what's happening at a glance using the calendar and look for classes to your liking in the upcoming days and weeks.  Find out about upcoming events and classes, special announcements and special hints and tips.  If you are a friend from far or near,  we welcome you to the new online shopping feature.  You've always been able to call and get a project shipped to you, now wander the aisles on your computer.

Our staff is ready to help you with your shopping list for your latest project or upcoming class - fabrics, notions, threads.  We pride ourselves in having a wide range of the best supplies available for your projects.  If you're looking for that new sewing machine you can't go wrong with BERNINA - made to create!!  We love to see you and what you are sewing.  Bring in your projects and share them with us!  The store is filled with inspiration and creativity.  Come and visit!